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One of our co-founders is a veteran of the War on Drugs. During the time he served, he saw firsthand how the war was creating a staggering array of major problems in the United States. A few of those include:

Civil Forfeiture

Human Rights Abuses

Racial Disparities

Police Militarization

Wasted Tax $$$

Single Parent Homes




Unsafe Communities

Reduced Wealth

Street/Prison Gangs

Turf Wars

Excessive Violence

Tainted Drugs

Richard Nixon

In June 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” He dramatically increased the size and presence of federal drug control agencies, and pushed through measures such as mandatory sentencing and no-knock warrants. In 1972, a commission he appointed, led by Pennsylvania Governor Raymond Shafer, unanimously recommended decriminalizing the possession and distribution of marijuana for personal use. President Nixon ignored the report and rejected its recommendations.


The war on marijuana in particular has cost the US billions of dollars over decades, led to a black market for pot that criminal organizations use to fund violent operations around the globe, and contributed to the explosive growth of America’s incarcerated population, which is now the LARGEST IN THE WORLD. The War on Drugs was a complete failure.

In 2013, several members of our leadership team attended the Seattle Hempfest. It was at that time that the concept of Yellowjacket was born. It was determined that it would be an agency comprised of industry subject matter experts (SME's), dedicated to rolling back the damage caused by the War on Drugs. It is our mission to protect every aspect of cannabis and all processes, from seed to sale.

Yellowjacket supports the legalization of cannabis.

Cannabis Sector Security

Cannabis Sector Security

Temporary / Permanent / Emergency Armed Personnel Unarmed Personnel Off-Duty Police Post Orders / Policies / Procedures Site Specific Training and more...

Secure Cannabis Transport

Secure Cannabis Transport

Ingress and Egress Product Manifests Chain of Custody (VIDEO) Real Time Tracking / Monitoring Remote Duress Systems Post Transport Reconciliation and more...

Surveillance & Monitoring

Surveillance & Monitoring

Camera Systems Digital Recorders Access Control Intrusion Detection General Monitoring Pre-Alarm Video Advanced Video Analytics and more...

Asset Location Services

Asset Location Services

Personnel FOB Cards Physical Assets High Value Material Sensitive Material and more...

Consulting & Support

Consulting & Support

Threat & Vulnerability Assess/Mitigation Systems and Procedures Physical Penetration Testing Security Management Emergency Response Training and more...

Access Control

Access Control

Card Readers Locking Hardware Doors & Safes Barriers / Active Vehicle Barriers Vehicle / Pedestrian Access Control Fencing and more...


Tahoe Patrol Truck - Cannabis

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